4 Popular Layouts for Brick Patios

Posted on March 4, 2022

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Over the past couple of years, brick patios have been a growing trend for all homeowners and business owners alike. A brick patio in Wellesley, MA, is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space. However, deciding that you are ready to bring life to the patio of your home is only part of the process. Next, you will have to choose the layout that would look best for your home. At Cataldo Landscaping, we are excited to make the brick patio of your dreams. 


To do so, here are a couple of the most popular options for brick layouts. 



Herringbone layouts for brick patios are one of the most popular choices when it comes to it. The style looks great with both angular and circular brick patio designs. The crisscross pattern can be rotated any way you want it to, creating different angles and visual effects. In addition to brick patios, the herringbone layout is also great for walkways and driveways. 


Running Bond

Running bond is the brick layout commonly used in buildings made out of brick. It’s classic, simple, and is considered one of the most durable brick-laying patterns known. Furthermore, when building in this style of brick layout, there is no need for cutting the brick, making it simpler, quicker, and the most eco-friendly of all the options.



The basketweave pattern is another typical pattern for those building a brick patio. This technique is known to be centuries old and earned its name because of the illusion the bricks make within one another when everything is laid out. 



For people who find themselves having a bit of a larger space to make their patio, you can choose a circular brick layout. Selecting a circular brick patio gives you the ability to make something outside of the box and something that you may not see very often. In addition, this is a perfect option for people who want to create a focal point on their patio. These focal points could include a fireplace, a fountain, a statue, or other architectural structures. 


The Ultimate Brick Patio with Cataldo Landscaping

No matter which pattern you end up choosing for your brick patio in Wellesley, MA, Cataldo Landscaping and Masonry can make it happen. Our talented teamwork is by your side through the whole process to make sure that communication is clear and make your dream a reality. 


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