3 Tips to Protect Your Brick Patios for Winter

Posted on January 13, 2023

In the New England area, snowstorms are common and can sometimes be harsh. To ensure you don’t develop any damage to your hardscapes over the winter season, it’s important to take the proper precautions. This month, we’re discussing a few ways you can maintain and protect your brick patios this winter. 

Use Sand Over Salt

Rock salt is great if you need to melt ice, but it can pose a few adverse side effects. When salt mixes with the melted ice and snow, a brine forms. This brine is corrosive to your hardscapes and can harm the surrounding plants, soil, and grass. It’s also crucial to note that if your pets happen to ingest it, it can cause them harm. 

We recommend using sand as opposed to salt for a few reasons. Though sand can’t melt ice like rock salt, it can still provide traction. Overall, sand is a safer alternative that won’t cause damage to your brick patios or other hardscapes. You also won’t have to worry about any damage and erosion to nearby landscapes. 

Fill in Any Cracks or Holes

Before any major snowstorms, it’s essential to address any damages that could get worse such as cracks or holes. This is best done in the fall before colder weather, but if you have yet to do this, it’s better late than never! If you find any holes or cracks, seal them with a crack sealant to ensure they don’t worsen over winter. If you don’t have any cracks, we still recommend sealing your patio with a paver sealer to preserve the quality of your hardscapes throughout the season. 

Check Your Downspouts and Water Runoff

It’s vital to check for any water runoff situations that may need to be addressed. An issue you’ll want to avoid is any water draining directly onto your brick patio or any hardscapes. Excessive water drains and pools around these spots can create damage when it freezes and melts. Using a rain barrel to collect water is a great option if you cannot move your downspout for any reason. 


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